We are Supporting

Camp Berizka

Family for Children with Disabilities

Disability Rights International Ukraine


Art Aid Ukraine has partnered with several verified Ukrainian based NGO’s to deliver much needed services, aid and support to the children most effected by the ongoing conflict. Working with our partnering NGO’s we focus funding on the most vulnerable children in society such as those who have suffered trauma, been displaced, disabled, orphaned and those forced into institutions. Art Aid Ukraine and Community Aid Ukraine is committed to helping support community integration projects, whilst championing reform in the disability rights of the children of Ukraine. With guidance from Ukraine’s director for Disability Rights International Halyna Kurylo and NGO’s such as Family for Persons with Disabilities and Camp Berizka, all funds raised go directly to confirmed courses. Courses that make a difference to the children’s lives whom we focus on.

Should you wish to learn more about our parting NGO’s please drop us a line at hello@art-aid-