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For the purpose of safeguarding, each child artist has chosen a superhero name to be known by.

These names have been chosen by the child themselves, based upon either a known superhero character or one which they have made up.

Each name will remain with the artist for current and future works.


Wonder Girl

Is 13 year old whose Father is in the army fighting at the front. She loves music, especially playing piano. She also takes karate lessons, and is part of Ukraine’s junior gymnastics team.

Art is Wonder Girls way of expressing her hopes and dreams.

Ms. Marvel

Is a 9 year old whose family fled Kharkiv to her grandparents after bombing decimated her family home and city . She misses her families annual vacations on the Azov seaside and longs for the war to stop so she can finally return to her home and friends. Ms. Marvel finds art as an escapism and paints most days.


Super Boy

Is a 6 year old whose father is in the army, fighting since the invasion began on the 20th February. Together with his mother and a new born brother, they fled the conflict zones to find safety with his father insisting. They are extremely creative family with his mother also being an accomplished known artist in Ukraine.

Iron Man

Is an 8 year old who parents are both medical volunteers, raising funds and transporting medicines and lifesaving equipment to the front line. Iron Man is an accomplished base guitar player with musical skill far above that of his age. He dreams of being a pop star one day and hopes to travel the world paying music and making people happy.



Who we are and what we do


Art Aid Ukraine is a “not for profit” specialist auction site formed to help the children of Ukraine and UK promote and sell their unique artwork. Funds raised will go directly to children effected by the war and conflict in Ukraine. With aid targeted specifically towards the most vulnerable, every Penny, Cent and Euro raised will help transform the lives of traumatised, disabled, and orphaned children.

Working directly with NGOs on the ground in Ukraine this art project will see children helping children. Using the power of art to help heel and send a message of hope.


The mission of Art Aid Ukraine is to showcase children’s artwork, encouraging them to articulate themselves and engage in a positive “can do” mindset. The resulting artwork, that is created specifically for this site, is auctioned off to help raise funds for those most affected by the conflict, and those who have been forced to live in institutions in Ukraine.


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