Children helping children through art

Art Aid Ukraine is a concept bourn from Community Aid Ukraine. An organisation of likeminded volunteers set up to raise funds and deliver requested aid directly to the people of Ukraine in need. After much soul searching and listening to our friends in Ukraine, our focus was altered to concentrate on the most vulnerable in society and the ones who have been affected the greatest.

Disabled children and young people have been subject to the most horrendous abuse and neglect you can imagine, with many being abandoned in communities and institutions, with little or no support package or contact with their families, care staff, etc. Yet out of the horrors we witnessed children creating amazing art that embodied the most inspirational hope against adversity and loss.

Art Aid Ukraine gives the children of Ukraine “and UK” the ability to express their feelings in a way no other can. Whilst at the same time helping raise much needed funds for the children most affected by the conflict. Children Helping Children.

Every Penny, Cent and Euro raised will help transform the lives of traumatised, disabled, and orphaned children in Ukraine. Working directly with Ukrainian based NGO’s, with your support Art Aid Ukraine will deliver much needed funds to help build a better future for the most vulnerable of children in Ukraine.

All artwork auctioned on this site has had the express permission of the child, together with their careers and or parents to fully support our fund-raising activities.